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Rotax SI 912-022 & Mass moment of inertia.

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This Service instruction covers the cancellation of the 5 year change interval for Teflon fuel hose. Teflon fuel hose with installed fire hoses are now to be replaced at TBO.

Teflon hoses require there own fitting & cannot be used with the original hose fittings. The fittings are difficult to source & its easier to have the hoses made & supplied with the correct fittings & fire resistant hose.

The latest Rotax SI 28.5.21 has a detailed instruction on how to measure the "mass moment of inertia" of the propeller. I have a 3 blade Warp Drive prop fitted that I know is near max recommended weight. Now I know how to check it.

I expect that most pilots that fly with a Rotax have signed up on the Rotax website with the engine number & get all information automatically. For those that are not aware of the service its a great free resource.

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