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  1. I was in the Forbidden City in Beijing. sat down on a step about 2 metres from an elderly Chinese couple with a young girl about 5 years old. I guessed they were Grand parents taking the child out for a day. The little girl smiled at me & I returned the smile. In the next 5 minutes she had inched her way towards me until she was almost on my knee. She offered me a lolly from a tiny little pack. I accepted & shortly after she spoke to her guardians & they produced a tiny phone that had a camera. They wanted to take my picture with the little girl. After the picture was taken I gave
  2. Weaponised Drones are a cowardly & very random means of killing. The word terrorism fits very well. Sad that the Rotax engine is being used for this purpose.The US is a country increasingly deploying them. If their civilian population was subject to their attack, can you imagine the outcry. Picture some little computer geek 20,00Km from the scene guiding a missile to a target that he "thinks" may be the guy who has had the gall to wave 2 fingers at the US. Sadly same little runt will never be in the position to have the fire returned. John Robert
  3. Rotax insist on all rubber replacement @ 5 years. Not only rubber but jets also wear as does the needle. The most important is probably the diaphragm. I would not like to be flying with a Bing carb that had 20 years since overhaul. The diaphragm is the reason for the Rotax directive to replace the fuel pump @ 5 years. My a*se is worth more than a Bing overhaul kit.
  4. The citizens of every country are entitled to make changes to their political system. If that is by a civil war then that is of their own choice. This war was the same as the Korean war with the US interfering in the affairs of another country. They also lost that one & to this day are demonizing North Korea for their determination to develop weapons to defend them selves. There punishment for not copying the flawed US democratic system is the most stringent trade sanctions ever placed on any country. If I was a North Korean & subject to those sanctions & the constant threat from
  5. I have a daughter & that has made me very protective of young females. I was in a war museum in Ho Chi Minh City & came across (amongst other unbelievable brutality details by US forces) photographs of the 10 year old girl that was found hiding in a storm drain & bayoneted to death. For Vietnamese the rape of pre pubescent girls by US forces was a common occurrence. So mothers hid their young children. I had tears of sadness & shame when I left the museum. The Commander on that day was a Bob Kerry. He was eventually charged & proven guilty. He was never convicted or pai
  6. This is a proud ad for WA. Gday Marty. I have traveled most of Australia, no disrespect but Adelaide/ Darwin via Alice is best done on a train where you are sleeping for at least 50% of the time. Taking that route you are going to miss the best part of Australia & also the largest by far " WA". The Southwest is absolutely unique in flora, with the largest trees in the southern hemisphere. After the Nullabor, Esperance is a great stopover & there are fantastic new facilities at the Cape Le Grand site which is run by volunteers for the Dept Conservation. The Hopetoun National Park i
  7. I am surprised that Evans coolant has not been mentioned in the discussion of cooling. It fits in between oil & water. I have used Evans in my 914 since fitting it in a Jodel in 2006. I have also changed my Rotax powered CT to Evans. Down side is higher engine temps on take off & climb. But the advantages are that when cooling is really essential at 110degrees plus . Evans will continue whilst water looses all effective cooling as it start to boil. The other advantages as with oil cooling corrosion is almost eliminated. The system no longer requires a pressurised system. Water req
  8. The loss of the mag will result in less connection with members & management. That may be one of the reasons M & M have set up the survey which does not enable a comment such as "neither of these". I wonder what is the cost of the regular 4 pages of self indulgence & the criticism of past management we get in most issues. I would much rather see 4 pages of readers letters which seems to have shrunk in the last few years. There may be alternatives to printing our own mag, There are existing aviation magazines & the ones I have read seem to be struggling to find interesting
  9. I have just tried to complete the RAA online survey most appropriately named as managed by "Survey Monkey". This is typical of a managed survey that is designed to provide a known out come, the following question must be answered or the survey can not be completed. Quote: 18. Sport Pilot is currently delivered to 1500 paying subscribers. The production and distribution of the magazine is subsidised by the membership at large. This is not sustainable. I believe: RAAus should increase the cost of the magazine so subscribers pay the true cost. R
  10. The subscription to Oz runways plus the once only cost of about $ 250 for an A3 printer compared with the cost of maps all around Aus seemed like good value to me. John
  11. I have a scale marked on the ipad & fit the wac chart to that, save the file & email it to my computer. I open the map in Gimp ( i only use linux) check the scale & print with an A3 Epson printer. I print both sides in colour & on plain paper the detail is close to a standard chart. The print leaves 40mm clean paper top & bottom. I use that for my flight plan & fuel planning.. I mark the Ctaf changes on the flight plan with a thick fibre tipped pen .I fold it to A4 & its clipped to an A4 clipboard, This gives me all I need for a days flying. I give the I pad t
  12. I have a rotax 914 F3 which is set up for the constant speed prop but I am planning to use a ground adjustable. Can any one tell me what I need to convert the motor so I can use the GAdjustable prop/. Or better still if you have changed yoir F4 to a constant speed do you want to sell the parts? John
  13. My first post . I don,t have much experience but am looking at the posibilities of repowering a Jodel D11 with something more up to date than the 0-200. I would not need more than 100hp & would prefer something that would save a few Kgs. I have nothing against modern liquid cooled 2 strokes in fact they probably would fit the bill. I would appreciate all the info I can get, if its genuinly experienced based . thanks to all the past contributore for the vast amount of info on the site John Roberts
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