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  1. I read the report & the conclusion was the accident was caused by a break up in flight with evidence of a bent spar. This aircraft was rated for aerobatics. Could distortion have been the cause of the erratic flight?. I think best to allow the appropriate authorities to reach a conclusion based on fact as the tragedy may not have been caused by IMC.
  2. Can't comment on IQ but Olympics is easy no where to run in China but neccessity to run with a tiger chasing.
  3. Diagnostic is best guess, my best guess would be that the cylinder is actually quite rich & some fuel is being burnt in the exhaust port. That is the only way I could imagine a rich mixture would show a high temp. The return spring is at its weakest when the throttle is near fully open. Any binding in cable would most likely show near wide open throttle. I had problems balancing my carbs, I found that the return spring did not have the strength to return with the very flexible multi strand cable. It just occasionally would slow the throttle. It was difficult to find as the vibrati
  4. Quite happy with your opinion, not sure if I believe it. Just wish politicians could think this way. Not nice thinking of the slaughter of our young aussies.
  5. The statement "the Chinese want to takeover the world " is racist. I have met Chinese who are no different than I am. There wish would be to have a happy healthy & hopefully prosperous life. It is wrong to assume that they have, as individuals any wish to dominate anyone else. I grew up reading comics where the Nazi Germans were the most evil guys. I was taught to hate Germans as a child.That racist feeling persisted until in my 20s I met a Scot who had spent nearly all of the 2nd world war as a POW. He was telling me about his experiences & happened to mention that he sti
  6. Quote "At the moment, I am opposed to Chinese cars because the Chinese want to take over the world." end of quote Where did you get such a racist opinion?. Have you visited China, do you know much about its history?. So many Australians have been turned against our most important trading partner by a media dominated & controlled by the US. A few facts, China with the largest population in the world was a basket case only 50 years ago. India with a similar population but a democratic system was in a more advanced position at th
  7. Back to Electric powered aircraft that you can buy now. Manufactured by Flight Design. Advert follows: The F2e is destined to be a leader in the next major change in flight training and personal recreation. The F2e was designed to meet EASA CS-23 and FAA Part 23/F44 certification for electric aircraft and the ASTM F3180 low-speed flight characteristics standard for departure characteristics, spin resistance, and stall warning. . Basic model price: €245.000 INCLUDING 75 KWH BATTERIES. So we already have 2+ hrs flight time, see the following. @ 8000 feet MSL, 200nm
  8. Aldi uses Telstra network & have a sim only plan that gives me 50GB for $99, If I pay before due date I get a rollover on balance left. I have flown around Aus with a previous Optus plan & had no problems.
  9. please dont try to turn your Rotax 912 backwards, bad things will happen!!
  10. Thanks for the great pics & description. Sad to remember the fish kills. I have flown the Darling but as you said there was only pools. For anyone contemplating the river flight there is an extremely good bitumen strip easy walking distance to Lake Meningee.
  11. A prop change may have been a bad example as minor changes are also included. A better example may have been the use of a none original Rotax oil filter. In the case of Flight Design they state that the engine be maintained to comply with Rotax maintenance. Rotax state that a genuine oil filter must be fitted. This would make the aircraft none compliant if an alternative was fitted. The Flight Design specs give the air pressure to all tyres as 32PSI. It was said by some pilots that this could allow the tyre to turn damaging the valve in a heavy landing. A general approval was obtained &am
  12. This is exactly why LSA including experimental LSA is controlled by the manufacturer & alterations are not allowed. Even though the replacement may appear to be ideal & serve its purpose as a gasket , it may behave very differently with immersion in fuel that could possibly contain ethanol. It may be of interest to see my recent post in "3300A a tale of two etc" . If we follow the rules there is virtually no place for mods even in Experimental LSA. The option to do as we were able under the "19" home built registration has been taken from us. LSA may server CASSA & RAA well. It do
  13. LSA is not easy to make any mods. Any changes no matter how minor must be approved by the manufacturer. If you follow regulations, it is not much easier with Experimental LSA. Changes still require approval but that can be authorised by a "CASSA Authorised Person" There are not many & some are quite expensive as they are putting their heads on the line with the approval. CASSA control LSA, RAA only administer LSA under the strict CASSA rules. I understand that is because CASSA also both control & administer LSA that are registered under GA. As an example to fit a prop different th
  14. This Service instruction covers the cancellation of the 5 year change interval for Teflon fuel hose. Teflon fuel hose with installed fire hoses are now to be replaced at TBO. Teflon hoses require there own fitting & cannot be used with the original hose fittings. The fittings are difficult to source & its easier to have the hoses made & supplied with the correct fittings & fire resistant hose. The latest Rotax SI 28.5.21 has a detailed instruction on how to measure the "mass moment of inertia" of the propeller. I have a 3 blade Warp Drive prop fitted that I know is ne
  15. This link will resolve any disagreement about Rotax approval of Teflon hoses.<https://legacy.rotaxowner.com/si_tb_info/serviceinfo/si-912-022.pdf> As in rubber hoses there are different qualities in Teflon. I have read that non conductive hoses are the best. I would spend some time researching specifications before I fitted them. They cannot be fitted to the standard barbed fittings used for rubber hoses. So that requires replacement of all fittings. The kit cost is about Au $2000 + shipping for all oil & fuel hoses with fire sleeves. The supplier for Vans Aircraft tests each h
  16. Skippy, you misquoted me. I hope you understand technical instructions better than your understanding of what I wrote. I said "I hung the piece of hose on my hangar wall & left it until the next rubber change at which time I was able to break pieces off it." I have always changed my rubber hoses at the 5 years recommended time. "My friend was considering" but has not done the Rubber change yet. Rotax actually use some teflon hoses, cost is maybe what prevents them from having all teflon. If I consider the fact that often the fire sleeve is damaged after the removal of the old hose, &am
  17. I thought that it was compulsory to use a fire sleeve with all fuel & oil lines inside the cowls. Compulsory or not I would not have a naked fuel or oil line around a hot engine without a fire sleeve. My first rubber change from new in 2011 had me tugging & twisting to remove a Gates hose fitted as an original. It still felt soft & pliable & I was wondering if it was really necessary. Changed my opinion when the hose broke & I examined the cords. A fuel line should not break, I hung it on the hangar wall as a reminder & when I did the next rubber change looked at it aga
  18. In less than 10 years we will have pilot less drones & possibly pilot less regional passenger airlines. The Defence Forces are already using remotely guided offensive weapons. They can operate safely but only if all aircraft broadcast their location. The height reduction of E class airspace may well be part of the need to plan for the future. Drones could replace trucks for example rural mail delivery & the live export rock lobster trade in our remote areas in WA. They will not be flying above 8500 ft, they are more likely to be at 3000 ft.. Regardless, the future wi
  19. I was in the Forbidden City in Beijing. sat down on a step about 2 metres from an elderly Chinese couple with a young girl about 5 years old. I guessed they were Grand parents taking the child out for a day. The little girl smiled at me & I returned the smile. In the next 5 minutes she had inched her way towards me until she was almost on my knee. She offered me a lolly from a tiny little pack. I accepted & shortly after she spoke to her guardians & they produced a tiny phone that had a camera. They wanted to take my picture with the little girl. After the picture was taken I gave
  20. Weaponised Drones are a cowardly & very random means of killing. The word terrorism fits very well. Sad that the Rotax engine is being used for this purpose.The US is a country increasingly deploying them. If their civilian population was subject to their attack, can you imagine the outcry. Picture some little computer geek 20,00Km from the scene guiding a missile to a target that he "thinks" may be the guy who has had the gall to wave 2 fingers at the US. Sadly same little runt will never be in the position to have the fire returned. John Robert
  21. Rotax insist on all rubber replacement @ 5 years. Not only rubber but jets also wear as does the needle. The most important is probably the diaphragm. I would not like to be flying with a Bing carb that had 20 years since overhaul. The diaphragm is the reason for the Rotax directive to replace the fuel pump @ 5 years. My a*se is worth more than a Bing overhaul kit.
  22. The citizens of every country are entitled to make changes to their political system. If that is by a civil war then that is of their own choice. This war was the same as the Korean war with the US interfering in the affairs of another country. They also lost that one & to this day are demonizing North Korea for their determination to develop weapons to defend them selves. There punishment for not copying the flawed US democratic system is the most stringent trade sanctions ever placed on any country. If I was a North Korean & subject to those sanctions & the constant threat from
  23. I have a daughter & that has made me very protective of young females. I was in a war museum in Ho Chi Minh City & came across (amongst other unbelievable brutality details by US forces) photographs of the 10 year old girl that was found hiding in a storm drain & bayoneted to death. For Vietnamese the rape of pre pubescent girls by US forces was a common occurrence. So mothers hid their young children. I had tears of sadness & shame when I left the museum. The Commander on that day was a Bob Kerry. He was eventually charged & proven guilty. He was never convicted or pai
  24. This is a proud ad for WA. Gday Marty. I have traveled most of Australia, no disrespect but Adelaide/ Darwin via Alice is best done on a train where you are sleeping for at least 50% of the time. Taking that route you are going to miss the best part of Australia & also the largest by far " WA". The Southwest is absolutely unique in flora, with the largest trees in the southern hemisphere. After the Nullabor, Esperance is a great stopover & there are fantastic new facilities at the Cape Le Grand site which is run by volunteers for the Dept Conservation. The Hopetoun National Park i
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