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Was the CAC-12 (Boomerang) really just a cut down Wirraway?

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The usual story is that the CAC-12 Boomerang was 'thrown" together from parts also used to manufacture the Wirraway, which was based on the North American Harvard, which morphed into the Texan. However I found a video about the North American P-64 and could not help but compare it to the CAC-12


220px-USAAC_P-64.jpg  image.jpeg.bf13e106668099f0edd3ee803129c67a.jpeg

Apart from the shape of the vertical stabiliser, and the enclosed rear of the Boomerang, they are almost brothers.


Here's the video: 


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Wikipedia will give you all the Info on these planes to satisfy  your question. I can recall Boomerang aircraft from Williamtown flying at about 500' past Newcastle Baths just afyter the war   Some Wirraways were made into the Ceres cropduster. A pilot I flew with for years killed himself and passenger at  Nowra in a Wirraway on final approach to land.. I had another friend who trained with me, get dumped on the ground in a patch of warm air, cropspraying Cotton at low level at night.. in a Ceres. Nev

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