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Raise MTOW to 760kg - CASA Discussion Paper vote


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To all RA-Aus Members,


As you may already know, CASA has released for comment a Discussion Paper on the increase in Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW) for RA-Aus aircraft to 760kg. This is our long-awaited opportunity to tell CASA that we want to increase our MTOW to allow us to carry more fuel, safety equipment, and in some cases a passenger in our aircraft.


Recreational Aviation Australia Inc. has pursued this weight increase for over a decade to enable our members to carry greater safety equipment. It will also help improve aircraft safety and capability during cross country flights by being able to carry more fuel, water and emergency rations.


There are other organisations who are actively campaigning against the increase in weight for RA-Aus: they believe that we may intrude on their patch. We may well lose valuable safety improvements to the emotional arguments put forward by our detractors unless our members rally behind this cause.


This weight increase will mean extra safety and additions to the types of aircraft available for RA-Aus members to fly and purchase. In no way does this mean that our single seat and heritage aircraft will be forgotten! In fact, a stronger membership allows RA-Aus to support worthy causes such as the Holbrook Ultralight Museum, and to continue to offer the same service to members wishing to build our grass roots single seat aircraft.


With this email is a copy of the CASA response form with the RA-Aus preferred selections already marked. Please take the time to read the Discussion Paper at www.raa.asn.au/notices.html or alternatively on the CASA website at:




Responses close on the 11th of November 2008, so there is over one month to go. Do your bit now for the organisation that supports you and your freedoms everyday. The worst thing for all of us would be to fail by the one vote that could be yours, so take the time and vote now.


There are various ways to vote: you can do it online at the CASA website at: Response to regulatory change proposal or in written form. To make it easy to vote on this important decision, there are two forms attached to this email.


One is a word document that you can alter on your computer by typing your comments, ticking boxes and then emailing to Mike Cleaver at CASA on this email address: [email protected],


Alternatively, you can print out the other version, make your comments and send by FAX to: 02 6217 1691.


Please do not reply to this message. Any replies to this message will not be received.


This is a numbers game, Ladies and Gentlemen: without our comments to CASA we may not have the chance to vote on a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) and make this weight increase happen for the RA-Aus membership.


I sincerely encourage each and every RA-Aus member to support the weight increase as a personal duty to increase the safety, affordability and ultimately the strength of recreational aviation in Australia into the future.


Lee Ungermann




Discussion Paper response form - electronic completion.doc


Discussion Paper response form.pdf


Discussion Paper response form - electronic completion.doc


Discussion Paper response form.pdf


Discussion Paper response form - electronic completion.doc

Discussion Paper response form.pdf

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