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11. Section 23/24




The fairing is a bit of a struggle to put on. You will need to ‘stretch’ it on. Note here that the bolts that weren’t fastened in section 6 should be removed before fitting the fairing. The manual doesn’t mention this. If you thought it was hard putting the fairing on, wait until you realise you need to take these bolts out and have to take the fairing off again ?


Note: once i fitted the undercarriage I found that the slot it fits into on the fairing was not even. Hard to know if it was me or it’s not that accurate. I ended up

cutting a couple of mm off with a Dremel. Just as well you can’t see both sides at once, eh! Time will tell if the alignment of the fairing will be a problem...


NOTE!  There is a wooden spacer you use to set the fairing up. I assumed you take it out when you are finished. Not so! You must leave it in because it changes the shape of the fairing and when you get to section 49 where you fit the firewall panels in you will swear black and blue that this panels must be for a different airplane because they wont fit at all! You will also just swear ?



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