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Airplane Flying Handbook FAA-H-8083-3B

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About This File

FAA 8083-3B reprint (2016 Edition). Includes all of the information required by the FAA for in-flight operations. A "must" for all pilots.
The FAA’s Airplane Flying Handbook has been required reading for all pilots for over 40 years, and introduces the basic pilot skills and knowledge essential for piloting airplanes. It benefits student pilots just beginning their aviation endeavors, as well as pilots preparing for additional certificates and ratings or who want to improve their flying proficiency, and flight instructors engaged in teaching pilots of all skill levels.
This handbook provides information and guidance on the procedures and maneuvers required for pilot certification. Chapters are dedicated to ground operations, basic flight maneuvers, slow flight, stalls, spins, takeoff and departure climbs, performance and ground reference maneuvers, airport traffic patterns, approaches and landings, night operations, emergency procedures, and transitions to different types of aircraft including complex, multi-engine, tailwheel, turboprop and jets. The latest edition expands and updates the material that is a key reference in FAA testing and Airman Certification Standards (ACS), and it incorporates new areas of safety concerns and technical information such as loss-of-control upset prevention and recovery training, and transitioning to light sport airplanes (LSA).
The Airplane Flying Handbook is the official FAA source for learning to fly and for many of the test questions in the FAA Knowledge Exams for pilots. Complete with chapter summaries and illustrated throughout with detailed, full-color drawings and photographs, it also includes a glossary and index.
Front Matter
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction to Flight Training
Chapter 2: Ground Operations
Chapter 3: Basic Flight Maneuvers
Chapter 4: Maintaining Aircraft Control: Upset Prevention and Recovery Training
Chapter 5: Takeoffs and Departure Climbs
Chapter 6: Ground Reference Maneuvers
Chapter 7: Airport Traffic Patterns
Chapter 8: Approaches and Landings
Chapter 9: Performance Maneuvers
Chapter 10: Night Operations
Chapter 11: Transition to Complex Airplanes
Chapter 12: Transition to Multiengine Airplanes
   Chapter 12 Addendum
Chapter 13: Transition to Tailwheel Airplanes
Chapter 14: Transition to Turbopropeller-Powered Airplanes
Chapter 15: Transition to Jet-Powered Airplanes
Chapter 16: Transition to Light Sport Airplanes (LSA)
Chapter 17: Emergency Procedures
WARNING: Please note that this is a 90mb download

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