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A busy day at YCOM

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I had a great day's flying today.


Cooma was a lot busier than usual with a contingent of fire bombers and ground support. Here's some photos showing the Air Tractors and a Jet Ranger. You can see the smoke in the air. Got down to about 10k in the arvo.


We flew to Adaminaby to keep out of their way, although they were cool with our ops and very professional.


I needed some rough air short field modified circuit practice anyway :;)6:





















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Flew back from Adelaide this morning, departed at 6 am! yep,a loooong day, especially when having to be home by 10 to help clean up for BBQ then off to YHOX to complete my RAAus and PPL BFR! then drive home to Newcastle! hmmm digressing a bit here


anyway, on the flight over, i was seated on the right hand side at the rear window, and noted as we approached the ranges the ever increasing smoke haze extending from as far south as you can see from 35,000 ft, down into Victoria and all the way up to the Sydney basin!, the Mountains were completely obscured by smoke haze....


sad really, especially to think that some could have been deliberately lit..



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