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Hello all I have just joined and seem to have spent the last hour reading all of your interesting posts. this site is 100 times better than any other rec or ga flying type pages i've visited in recent times. i just hope it doesnt stop me from doing my work as my aviation seems to on a regular basis and my partner hopefully wont find out as she thinks that I spend too long flying and not enough time with her. need strategy suggestions from the rest of you on dealing with that!


Have been an aviator for 8 years. i joined the AUF and have flown quite a few aircraft and now fly my J400 which I built at my parents house in Longford. no factory assist here my friends. it was all blood sweat and beers and tears im afraid. If anyone has any queries on the j400 by all means ask me. It's done over 400 hours and is still going strong. I see many of you have been building jabs and seem to be enjoying them. im a member of SAAA, Raaus and fly ga too. I was formerly the president for 2 years of a club in gippsland called GULF Gippsland Ultralight and Leisure Flyers. many of you know me here from tooradin where i keep my plane and fly on saturdays.


I do my best to help out all new and interested pilots and potential pilots that hang around the airfield and sometimes stretch myself thin trying to help out people who have the desire to fly like i first did when I started flying in what seems to be many years ago now.


So in summary I hope to meet as many of you as possible.





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