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Thruster Type/Model List

Guest TOSGcentral

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Guest TOSGcentral

This may be of interest to those of you who think you just have a 'Thruster' - then find you need parts for it!




NOTE: This list uses TOSG Designators and includes all known Thruster types & Models.


No sub distinction is made on engines used except for the T300/912 and T500/BMW which are sufficiently unusual as to warrant individual identification.


AUSTRALIAN BUILT SINGLE SEATERS (Some exported to New Zealand)


T1. Prototype (1 only)






T83 Float Plane


T84A Prototype (1 only)










Sprint. Prototype – 1 only (and a 2nd Pod made)


Sprint/T85BG Hybrid (Used 2nd Sprint Pod)


T100 Prototype – 1 only.


T100/T83 Hybrid (Used a T100 pod)


T100/T85SG Hybrid (Used a T100 pod)


T100/Sprint Hybrid (No longer exists – cannibalized)


Gemini X Utility (Single Seat Gemini Crop Sprayer)


AUSTRALIAN BUILT TWO SEATERS (Some exported to New Zealand, UK and other countries).


Glasshouse A Utility. Prototype (only one known to be built)


Glasshouse B Utility/TPT (only one known to be built)


Glasshouse C Utility


Glasshouse C TPT


Gemini X


Gemini A


Gemini AF (Flapperons – experimental only)


Gemini B


Gemini BEH (Fully enclosed – fabric and alloy versions exist)




TST EH (Fully enclosed)


TST EHF (Fully enclosed & with Flapperons)


TST L (T300 before the name change)


TST E (T500 before the name change)




T300 EH (Fully or partially enclosed)


T300 EHF (Fully or partially enclosed & with flapperons)


T300/912 (Rotax 912 engine and fully enclosed cockpit)




T500/BMW (BMW R100 Engine)


T500N Experimental prototype only for nosewheel on T500


Flash. Experimental – (T85BG fully enclosed cockpit & two seat)


Flying Fox. Experimental (T300 with major drag reduction studies)


Bilby. Experimental (T300 totally re-designed for drag reduction & systems)


Project 88 Not Built (parts only – dual AUF/GA role intended)


Vision 600N (License built UK T600N)


Vision 600T (License built UK T600T)




TST (Originally fully imported Australian Gemini A)


TST Mk1. (UK manufactured version of Australian TST)


T300 (UK manufactured version of Australian T300 – then enhanced)


Super Thruster T300. (Compares with Australian T300EH)


T300/480. Strengthened version to 450 kg MTOW


T600N/390 (First certified Thruster nose wheel type)




T600N/450 (Strengthened and recertified to 450 kg MTOW)




T600F Float Plane


T600N Sprint. Fully enclosed nose wheel type


T600T Sprint Fully enclosed tail wheel type.


T300/T600 Hybrid. (T300 with T600 pod)




T300 Stits. Modified wing under Engineering Order. Parts now in Australia.


NOTE: If anyone can add other Thruster types to this list – or any corrections to data given then I would be most grateful to hear about them!


Tony Hayes.



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Hi Tony,


Gee, no wonder it's so hard to keep track of the thrusters evolution! I'm sure your will probably get a few questions from this one, so here's the first. What are the differences between the T83 and T83EHF?







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Guest TOSGcentral

OK – the difference between a T83 and T83EHF.



You own the only T83EHF in existence and that was built by Rusty Jenkins from a standard T83.



In designation I was primarily driven by some means of enabling owners to determine what parts they could get and what they should get because a lot of dollars are involved – particularly in the difference between two seater types, if you get the wrong bits.



It was a miserable experience as I knew so little about Thrusters when I started, but I did the best I could under the circumstances.



Some decoding:



T83 is the first production single seater manufactured by the factory. 49 were built and they were effectively enlargements of the T1 Prototype.



EH (Enclosed Home) means that the aircraft has been fully or partially enclosed by some means – either the cockpit or the entire rear fuselage as well.



F means flaps (or flapperons). I stubbed my toe here because this was years before the Poms came out with a T600F (float plane) so I am a bit stuck with that one!



On top of that are modifications that form no prime part of designation. Several T83s have been modified. The main modification is to move the boom rear support struts back from the undercarriage mount to the back of the cockpit wall per the T85. This makes getting in easier and also allows for doors.



So your T83EHF is a standard production T83, modified for cockpit access via moving the boom rear support struts aft, then having the cockpit and fuel tank area entirely encased in moulded glass fibre. Then flapperons were fitted.






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  • 4 years later...
Thanks for the info Tony.Regards,



I must have a T83EH... as mine has a inclosed cockpit (with doors) and the tank filled in with a spoiler attatched,but no flaps,sure would be to get confermation from the man himself!!R.I.P Tony.P9.jpg.27feb45dcee5ba6e41cccae5e1345da3.jpg



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