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What's happening at the RA-Aus


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I had a chat with our RA-Aus office today and found out some great things that they are doing for us there - so much so I think I will make it a monthly task to give them a ring so I can let you guys know what is happening.


Human Factors


Soon the training syllabus will include a section on Human Factors that will also include better airmanship subjects etc. A training book on the subject is almost finished so all students will need to include Human Factors training for their Certificate. All existing Certificate holders will have possibly a couple of years in which they will be required to sit a Human Factors test that will probably be done by either your training school in a class room scenario or by way of an online question/answer form.


I personally think this is a great step in the right direction in helping us to learn and understand more about what we need to know and look out for when we fly helping to keep us even safer.


Controlled Air Space


A training syllabus is being put together to allow us to be able to fly into controlled air space with an appropriate aircraft and engine. An aircraft would need to have a radio and transponder fitted and a CASA accepted engine. At this stage it will possibly not come into effect this year as it will need to sit with CASA for about 6 months toing and froing but it is happening.


This is great news for those that often fly around or close to CTA giving them the freedom to enter CTA legally and enjoy the benefits that this will give us.




NatFly is shaping up to be really fantastic this year so a reminder to book any accom now and to start planning for it - it's less then 8 weeks to go.



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Guest David C

Ian ,


Thanks mate ... I particularly like the Controlled Airspace Syllabus . It would benefit us greatly here around the Sydney area .It would make that trip up North so much easier and safer if we could track through the various CTA's instead of tracking inland over tiger country .





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Thanks Ian,


I like the sounds of where RA-aus is going.. I hope they consider a IFR syllabus and Aerobatics too... haha we can only hope



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Guest TOSGcentral

Very positive report Ian.


Did they mention anything about a standardised instructor training syllabus and effective control system, or even instating the basic flying training syllabus in a number of areas?


Just asking - again!





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An aircraft would need to have a radio and transponder fitted and a CASA accepted engine.

This is a curly one which leaves the door open for possibly no action to come of it. At the moment, Rotax and Jab engines are accepted for the purpose.


We do however get some calls regarding other engines such as BMW, Subaru, KFM etc.


I will need to follow this up with CASA and get a direction from them in writing, though verbally I was informed that an engine accepted by CASA for our purposes would be one that the manufacturer says is an eligible install.


Considering that most engines are installed in either one or the other aircraft, one could argue the point that all engines are fit for the purpose, though like I said, I would need to get that in writing first.


Will keep at them..just another one to get an answer on..





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What's happening to RA-Aus


A Draft for Discussion has appeared on the CASA website for the Regulation, Order, and Instrument to Implement Self Regulation of Private General Aviation.




The power point presentation made to CASA can be viewed at:




http://www.leisureflight.com.au/files/Update%20061201%20Presentation%20CASA%20summit%203 0-11-06.pdf






  • Slide 11 Drivers Licence Medical for Recreational/LSA
  • Slide12 Highest Licence CPL
  • Slide 13 Flying Training to CPL
  • Slide 14 Aircraft Registration
  • Slide 15 Issue of C of A
  • Slide 18 “unlike CASA GAAO does not require criminal standard of evidence”



The Draft for Discussion can be viewed at:










  • SPL , RPL (LSA) aircraft up to 750 kg, RPL, PPL & CPL
  • Private maintenance qualifications AMS3 or LAME
  • Privileges available to “a member of good standing of the GAAO” ???



CASA has stated it wants feedback and has created a special email address to allow us to send comments, submissions or questions to CASA.


To have your views considered send an email to:


[email protected]


CASA asks, if you are making a submission please be sure to address these two questions:


  • Can self administration provide equivalent or better safety outcomes for the general aviation sector of the industry than presently apply?
  • If so, what would be the most appropriate model for self administration?


Emails will be acknowledged and, where appropriate, feedback provided.






Clive Johnson




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