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Avalon Airshow


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I am keen to go to Avalon, but cannot get out there on the weekend, but was planning on going during the week,...........until I discovered that the week days are classified as trade only and not open to the general public.


Is anyone aware of what consitutes being in the trade, and if my RAA pilot ticket or GFA is enough to allow my entry ?? I would not be impressed if I lobbed up there and found out that I couldn't get in 068_angry.gif.cc43c1d4bb0cee77bfbafb87fd434239.gif


What days are other people from the forums attending ??







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Hi Kirk


At this stage I believe your RAA Certificate constitutes a valid entry for the trade days.


I will however have all the exact details in the next week or two plus I will be asking if anyone wants to help with the cost of the Recreational Flying stand at Avalon where we can all meet up by asking if anyone wants to make a donation towards the event. The maximum donation accepted will be $45 and only open to the top 30 donations. I will also give a free trade day ticket to those top 30 donations as a thankyou.


The stand is costing around $4,000 plus insurances and I will also be selling the shop products at the stand to help offset the cost but it will provide a central point for all the forum members to be able to get together and you can use that as a base to leave any of your belongings etc so you're not having to carry them around.


More on all this soon!



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Hi All


This is the regs so far that I know about attending the trade days at Avalon:


A7.5 Trade Sessions – Accreditation




Strict entry criteria for Trade Visitors will apply at all Trade Sessions, which are exclusive industry-only sessions intended as serious professional and business occasions.




All visitors at the Trade Sessions must have a professional, commercial or operational involvement in aviation, aerospace, defence, technology, government or related fields.




All Trade Visitors will be required to complete a Trade Visitor application form. Business card, company identification, applicable association membership card, civil aviation licence or similar evidence of qualification may be required as part of the accreditation process.




All persons attending the Trade Sessions must be over 16 years of age. Persons under the age of 16 will not be admitted to the Trade Sessions, even if in possession of an Exhibitor Badge, pre-issued entry ticket or other invitation.




All Corporate Reception Chalet guests at the Trade Sessions will be required to complete a Trade Visitor application form.



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