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What GPS: New Lowrence Airmap 600C?

Guest Rocko

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Hi Folks


I've been considering a GPS for my Hanuman, but had wondered about what was on offer. Latest edition of the RAAus mag has one I hadn't heard about before, which I gather is a new model....the Lowrance 600C.


Now, I'd really love a Garmin GPSMAP 296. But, lets face it, it ain't cheap, by a long shot. So, had also considered an IQue, since work could help "contribute", being a palm pilot also. However, at $900, the 600C is pretty appealing.


The 600C seems to have pretty much everything the others have, plus more. Terrain mapping, Jepperson database, AND lots of extras such as adhesive mounts, etc. Things the Garmin consider "extras".


Screens nopticeably smaller tho, and possibly not as intuitive? I'm open to suggestions and comments. Anyone had Lowrance? Anyone had an Airmap 500? Or a 2000C? What do people think?


Heres Lowrances web page with the info....









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Hi Scotty, I can't offer advice on which GPS other then an Avmap which are dearer but extremely good but what I can say is that I have applied for an account with the distributors of both of these GPS's and should know any day now if I can offer these in the shop - will keep you informed.



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I own both a Garmin and a Lowrance 600C. Whilst the 600C has some pretty useful features it is rather fiddly - I have found it to have difficulty loading from the SD card in the back when battery power is low. This weekend mine started misting up internally even though it is claimed to be moisture proof - my old Garmin has never done this.


For my money, I would either consider an AVMap or purchase an Asus R2H micro tablet PC at approx. $1800 and load it up with Oziexplorer or pocket FMS - much bigger screen, better options.


By the way, I purchased my Lowrance 600C for US$499 at Oshkosh last year when it was released - I think AU$900 is really pushing the relationship.







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