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(Way off topic but need help) Fire Fox and new problems.

flying dog

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Folks, I use Firefox to browse.


Until recently - an update from FF - when I go to GMAIL, I can reply/compose e-mails and can "Chat".


Now I can't do any of that.


To compose an e-mail (or reply) I have to switch to Basic HTML.


My JRE is uptodate as far as I know - went into the control pannel and clicked on JAVA and clicked the "update now".


Is anyone else having this problem/had this problem?


Any suggestions what the cure is?



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Guest davidh10

Maybe the update didn't work and you now have a corrupted installation. Go to FF Site and get new install package, then uninstall, reboot and re-install.


You can carry over your bookmarks by exporting them before the install and then importing them to the fresh installation.


I know it is a bit drastic, but there isn't that much to go wrong if as you say JavaScript is enabled. Most sites use JavaScript, not Java, which is an unrelated language, strange as that may seem.



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David, thanks, but the problem was more to do with:


Check the pref dom.storage.enabled on the about:config page and make sure that the pref is set to true.


Somehow the "dom.storage.enabled" got disabled.


Setting it to TRUE all is now working.



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