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Getting Rid of Those Radio Troubles

Guest Perry

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I presently have a Rotax 912S and I have used a Lynx Filter Circuit with a 22,000 uF Capacitor to provide some improved supply quality to my Xcom760 Radio. Sadly, I have been plagued for over a year and a half with lousy transmission due to noise (my thinking it was wind noise due to flying an open cockpit trike).


Recently I ordered in a filtering circuit from a chap in South Africa for about $60 incl. postage and installed it beyond the 22,000uF Capacitor to see if it would work.


Wow! Now transmission is clear and I can set my voltage level to my preference for all my expensive radio and video gear. I found the little black box is absolutey brilliant.


Ian, if you like, I will put the Paul (Zulu1) onto you (drop me a pm) as the little box is cheap as chips and works a treat for getting smooth power. This may be a useful item for the shop?


This has resolved one of my primary bugs in my trike - poor radio/intercom clarity.





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Perry, I am looking into this with Zulu1 to have these things in the shop for everyone but the only issue that I will have to overcome and is the same as anything you get from overseas is the warranty.


Some countries like South Africa have export deals going where a resident of the country get incentives to export. This is not liked by a lot of manufactures and they won't touch any warranty claims if the item was purchased overseas.


So if something goes wrong then you have to wear the cost to ship it back to the country of purchase, wait for it to be repaired and then sent back. You have to pay not only in the freight costs and insurance but also in the huge downtime whilst the unit is away.


I really want to offer fantastic service as well as cheap prices in the shop so I will be looking at this in a couple of weeks once I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


If you take the Rec Flying headsets for example they have a 1 year warranty and I have done a deal with the supplier where any warranty claims (if any happen ;)) then there is no questions asked just an immediate swap for a brand new one so you get it over night - a brand new one with almost no down time - this is what I want to achieve with any products that are sourced from overseas - leave it with me!



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Hi Perry, by any chance could you please post more info on this device and where you got it? I run an XCOM and don't have many problems but know a Jab owner who's getting inteference and this might help him.


Your "little black box" sounds interesting!







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