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Wyalkatchem gets an upgrade


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Work has just finished on the upgrade to the airfield at Wyalkatchem, WA (YWKM, 31.12S 117.23E). We now have a sealed cross strip:


  • Runway 09/27 sealed 1500m
  • Runway 03/21 sealed 1260m (2° up slope towards south)




Visitors always welcome: no landing fees, and the local RAAus school is open every day except Monday w/ hot & cold drinks and fuel available.





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well spotted pud...looking down rwy 27 gives it away!!

Nah cfi, I didn't spot anything (although I did see the '27';))


I know Wyalkatchem very well but have not been on the airfield in an aircraft - met the RFDS there a few times when I was a volunteer ambulance officer.


My home town is Koorda some 45kms to the North and I spent a lot of time around Wylie playing sport and chasing girls.;)





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Saw the new strip on the 7th when I was doing a NAVEX with the instructor. The 27-09 strip is very well maintained. I look forward to flying in more often :) Disappointed you got rid of that Bantam though :P I was looking forward to getting some time in that thing.





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