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My training update

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Up at Caboolture 0600 this morning for a lesson on circuits in the trike. It was a fun lesson. A little sloppy at times but i got around it. Getting the feel of the trike flying at a low level during the strip runs was alot of fun.



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Guest davidh10

It would be nice in the early morning before the thermals start. Keep up the good work and enjoy. I don't get to fly in the mornings on a work day, but with the evenings lengthening out it is a good opportunity after work, if still a but bumpy till about 18:00 (here anyway).



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Yeah its awesome at that time of the morning. I start work at 1600 so i get in a flight or two during the week. This time of year, the weather is nice and warm early in the morning.


Thanks David,


Safe flying,





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