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URGENT - Need a Vic VNC


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Hi all


I am sick and tired of this - seems there are some thieves in our industry. I use to leave my ERSA and Maps in my aircraft until one day my ERSA was stolen out through the little vent window of my old CT so now I always take my ERSA home with me. Now I find my Vic VNC has been stolen - they left the other maps but just took my important one.


I was hoping to fly between Riddells and Ballarat tomorrow but now I don't have a VNC for the trip. Can I ask if anyone has a Vic VNC and a scanner or good camera to take a scan or picture of just the trip from Riddells to Ballarat and surrounding areas and email it to me at [email protected] I would be extremely grateful - thanks


Looks like I have to strip everything out of my aircraft each time I finish a trip 068_angry.gif.cc43c1d4bb0cee77bfbafb87fd434239.gif


(edited - I said a WAC before I edited it but meant VNC - sorry)



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Guest pelorus32

What I should have said is if you have a spare seat I'll bring my VNC and myself and come with you:cool:







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025_blush.gif.9304aaf8465a2b6ab5171f41c5565775.gif025_blush.gif.8e2ecc192cc98853ac4370dddcd7cf74.gif025_blush.gif.9304aaf8465a2b6ab5171f41c5565775.gif - I went out to Riddells today and found my VNC stuffed at the back of the map compartment in the CT - it seems I didn't check at the back of it - sorry 025_blush.gif.9304aaf8465a2b6ab5171f41c5565775.gif



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