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fuel and dacron fabric


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Does anyone know the effect, if any, of the occasional splash of unleaded on Dacron as used for wing covering in several rag and tube designs?


And the most suitable removal/neutraliser


in other words is there something better suited than


soap and water?


many thanks





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Guest pelorus32

Hi David,




suggest you might contact Bainbridge International in Sydney and ask that question. They supply the sailmaking community with among other things dacrom fabric. They will have seen and heard of every possible contamination I imagine.




Try this for a number (02) 99381788












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Sailboats use dacron in its natural state but aircraft are finished with paint of some sort to protect from UV rays so try the paint supplier. I used Stitts finish and I believe it is supposed to be resistant to fuel, but it would depend on additives etc. Soap seems to work well and I have a car wax containing carnuba on as added protection, I also only use 100 low Lead.



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Looking at your avatar, you are spilling neat unleaded onto your sailcloth, if anyone is reading that has a twostroke with sailcloth, a slightly stronger detergent may be required for the oil content in the fuel.





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