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Dimensional travel.

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As we all know, in air we travel in 3 dimensions, on earth, its in 2 dimesions.. but what about 5 dimensions??


i found this quite interesting




Does our universe have higher but unusual spatial dimensions? This idea has been gaining popularity to help explain why vastly separated parts of our universe appear so similar, and why the geometry of our universe does not seem to result naturally from the amounts of matter it seems to contain. The idea is also prevalent in modern attempts to combine gravity and quantum mechanics that include M-theory (formally string theory) and Randall-Sundrum theory. Such models involve branes and bulks and frequently attempt to explain, among other things, why some quantum energies and the measured cosmological constant are so small. Above, a dynamic three-dimensional drawing (two spatial plus one time) of a four-dimensional depiction of a five-dimensional cube (a hypercube with four spatial dimensions is also known as a tesseract) is shown. Donning red-blue glasses will give the best multi-dimensional perspective.


you know, just some light reading... and viewing...



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Ultralights did say




As we all know, in air we travel in 3 dimensions, on earth, its in 2 dimesions.. but what about 5 dimensions??




I like to think that we have to deal with 5 dimensions.


the expected three spacial plus time and velocity.


the purists would say that velocity is a duplication, however I do believe that to fly well we need to be very aware of all 5 of these dimensions.


as for the cosmological considerations ultralights presents all I can say is that my brain hurts.


(more than usual)





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Guest Prometheus

I've no doubt that other dimensions (of travel) are possible. Only time (pardon the pun) will tell whether we're able to travel through, or with these.


It makes sense to me if you think about the universe in phases, just like a feed of multi-phase electricity. What's to say we don't exist in the same space as others but just in a different "phase". We would never see them except when or if the phases came together. This could also explain supposed "ghost sightings".


All in all interesting reading. I once read of an experiment in (I Think) Germany where data; in this case the first bar of Beethoven's 9th was attatched to a particle, the particle was sent down a particle accelerator approaching the speed of light (Approaching but not actually reaching it). The data was retreived a split second before it passed the retreval point approacghing it's top speed. It proved travel through time was possible, but the energy required to puch a single particle was enormous to that point.


Another more simple thing to contemplate - Go outside tonight and look up - (if it's a clear night) you're looking back in time. Simple. The picture you're seeing varies from a few minutes old to hundred's of thousands of years old, depending on the star. The sunset we see is at least 7 minutes old - yet we see it! Light is interesting in that it is a particle (a photon) and a wave. An another experiment that comes to mind on this is one with a light box, slit template, and a single photon.


A template with a number of slits was placed infront of a "lightbox" which emitted a single photon at any on time. When this kind of template is placed in front of a normal lightbox, we get ptterens like ripples or rings on a pond. and where the waves met from each slight we get nodes (go back to year 10 science here), but in this case with only a single photon passing through any given slit we would expect it to move straight - right? Wrong! the photon acted as if "the rest of the light" was still there. either moving left or right and bouncing the opposite way when a "node" was encountered even though there were no other photons to interact with. The theory here (as I undertsand it) goes back to phases and that the photon was infact interacting with other photons emitted from other slits in diffrent phases. Perhaps the photon is the only particle that can "exist" in multiple phases or at least detect other phases. Interesting stuff.


How this relates to us and our flying - who the hell knows?



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Guest Ken deVos
multi-dimensional perspective[/url]....

If you don't have red-blue glasses, try pressing the "stereo" button (twice) to get separate images, then view each image separately with each eye. I used a piece of A4 cardboard between the monitor and my face, looked cross-eyed until the two images merged into one.



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What is a sunset? I would have thought that a sunset only had to travel from the horizon to your position and at the speed of light that is only a tiny fraction of a second. But what happens as the light bends on it's way?



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My theory is every single person lives in a seperate universe/dimension, as light and time are relative to the observer (each person) the faster you travel, the slower time, the less gravity you experience, the slower time is for you, and seeing as i have spent a lot more time at 900 Kmph and at 35,000 ft than most, then time for me will be just a little fraction slower than other people...


so every single person, has a different time reference to everyone else..



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Guest Nomad



Velocity by definition isn't a dimension. Velocity is a measure of rate of change of position in some dimension(s).


Prometheus and Yenn:


The sun we see at any time is 8 minutes old (actually closer to 8 minutes 24 seconds. It depends on the time of year - our proximity varies by some 5 million kilometers: a distance of 16 light-seconds). The light hitting our eyes left the sun 8 minutes earlier. If the sun were to change colour, or go black, or explode, or vanish entirely, we would remain entirely unaware of it for 8 minutes.


The sunset we see is "old" because while the sun appears to be just above the horizon, it has actually dropped below. That's not because the light takes too long to get to us, but because it's being bent by the atmosphere. We're seeing "around a corner", as it were. An imaginary line from us to where the sun is right now would go beneath the horizon even though the image of the sun is still above it:




The best explanation I've heard to make visualising the extra dimensions (the best guess at the moment is that there are 7 dimensions we can't see, for a total of 11. They're "wrapped up very small".) is to consider a telephone wire. From a distance, it looks like a straight, featureless line. If you're on it, you have some position along its length. That's it. It's a good representation of one dimension.


An ant on the wire, however, sees a second dimension wrapped around the first. The ant is at some point along the length of the wire AND ALSO some point around its circumference. Perhaps on top of the wire, or on the bottom, or on the side. The same is true for the 7 "extra", "invisible" dimensions. If we were quarks or accustomed to looking at the world on the scale of the plank length we'd see all these other dimensions wrapped around the 3 familiar spatial ones, and around each other. Humans are macroscopic though, and interact with the world through coarse media, like photons and inter-atomic forces which act on scales much too large to show any detail of the other dimensions.


A bit like how some blind but very patient physicists could give you a very detailed description of the Queen Mary 2 by throwing lots of basketballs at it and measuring the ship based on where the balls bounce to, but would be entirely unable to do the same with a toy car. The balls would be just too big to give any detailed information.



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