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Shepparton Try & Fly + Great Air Rally

Guest pelorus32

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Guest pelorus32

A great aviation weekend at Shepparton. The Great Air Rally arrived yesterday, a good dinner with two speakers last night and then a fabulous try and fly day today.


I briefly said hello to Ian but I'm afraid I missed speaking to other forum members. I did manage to fly 5 different aircraft and do a couple of hours in the Tecnam as well. It is great to be able to compare a/c back to back. Something you very seldom have the chance to do.


All in all a great weekend. Some things can be improved upon but what can't?







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Yes it was a good day, about 5,000 people I was told turned up. There was about 10 different aircraft to try plus many "pay for" joy flights in aircraft like a Yak, Navaho (? spelling), tiger moth etc.


I met up with a few forum members there which was great to put a face to a name. I also met up with the guys from Port Macquarie who had come down for the day, continuing on to Tassie for a few days and then back to Avalon


Again I thought I wasn't going to make it as when I got in the CT after all my checks, planning etc I turned the key and just got a "click brrrr plop" - it no go again. All the work being done with the Avionics, turning them on and off many times, testing etc took its toll. Not having jumper leads in the car I thought there goes that again. I looked around and found a starter box and not knowing if it had any charge I gave it a go anyway. The CT is great as it has a positive jumper lead attached underneath so you can jump start it without having to worry about the cowling etc. Connected it up and turned the key and up she started.


I thought the run up to Shepp would charge her up ok and it did so I got there in the end.


Tomorrow it's off to Avalon to setup "YOUR" site so my father is going to drive the car (ford wagon) that is full of the setup stuff down and I will be flying the CT down there, meet up and set your site up.



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Guest Roger

Yep it was a great weekend, however I think there were some dodgy goings on when it came to the winners of the Rally :;)4:. My co-pilot and I were sure we had the prize but no cigar for the YNAR mob. No matter - next time.


Great atmosphere, really good food and plenty of laughs. Landings on Sat arvo kept everyone amused however no one was immune, some of the biggest and best got a bit crossed up in the 20kt wind. Thankfully it was on the nose and there was no harm done or anyone hurt.


Big congrats to the hard workers at Shep - they certainly put on a great show.


It was good to catch up with you Ian. Your CT looked a picture doing a few laps. Capt and I will be sure to take SPECIAL care of her this week at Avalon. ;)







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A I did manage to fly 5 different aircraft and do a couple of hours in the Tecnam as well. Mike

ONLY five?


Gee Mike, youre letting the side down! ;)


I spoke to Celia for a while and she was utterly convinced you were going to take every aircraft on or near the flight line for a test flight!!


I had a great flight in the Pioneer 300 - hundred horse Rotax and cruising at 130 knots.. simply beautiful machine..... *dribble.... uncontrollable drooling*


It was great to catch up with you again, meet Celia and hope to see you both at Avalon.





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