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Yet another comparison: Airmap 600C vs GPSmap 96C

Guest Rocko

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Guest Rocko

Hi again, all


Took my plane for it's first non-test flight on Friday. Came to an unfortunate conclusion ;)


While I had my mind set on an AVMAP GPS, the centre stick and my fat thighs are going to make a thigh-strapped GPS unfeasible.


(Got a thighmaster, anyone? 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif)


So, with space restrictions in mind, I've decided to change tracks, and consider the smaller portable GPS's.


Like the accessories and look of the Lowrance 600c, but hearing a few reports of dodgy software, causing it to lock up. Also, others report poor screen visibility in sunlight. Anyone experienced this?


And can anyone compare the performance of the 2 units, from personal experience? How really usable is the screen, size wise?


Thanks folks





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Hi Rocko


Unfortunately I can't get the Lowrance GPS as the Australian Distributor is Wade Air and they won't supply us here. They said they would only supply people like Skylines etc who charge full price for them. It seems some suppliers don't like Rec Flying selling things at "real" prices for you guys.


Interestingly Wade Air will be at Narromine so if you are going then that will be a great opportunity for you to have a look at them first hand.


I personally haven't heard anything about the Lowrance screen in the sunlight or locking up - has anyone else?



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