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Second Reno Crash


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Guest pookemon

This crash was in West Virginia. "Airshows" have had a bad couple of weeks with the Red Arrow, the Wing walker, Pitts Special, Reno and now this. And one article I've read makes mention of a Super Decathlon crashing (http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/americas/united-states/110821/air-show-red-arrows-detroit-kansas-video).


Very sad times indeed...



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Guest Maj Millard

Remember it is the end of Summer over there, and I would hate to hazard a guess at just how many airshows are on throughout the whole country each weekend. I wouldn't be surprised if it was around a hundred or so. I am a little sick of seeing two aircraft supposedly doing formation aerobatics, colliding at airshows though.


The T-28 and P-51 in England recently for instance. The most recent one in West Virginia just should not have happened with only two aircraft doing a center stage cross-over. Our level of airshow pilot is ment to be higher than that, has the level of expitise dropped ?.................................................Maj...024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif


Turboplanner....Would you mind amending your post heading to "Second Airshow crash" as it didn't happen at Reno.



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Not taking away from the absolute tragedy of these two accidents...but in the same 24 hour period that these crashes happened, there would have been around 90 deaths on America's roads (2009 US road toll = 33,963). Just as tragic, but unnoticed by the media who think that the US has been "rocked" by the airshow/race accidents.



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