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Heli TIF....apparantly only for the boys


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I've booked a Heli TIF for this weekend, which should be a fun (interesting) experience


While I was on the phone booking it, I had the following exchange with the lady at the heli place:


Lady: "What's your husband/partner's name?"


Me: "No, it's for me!"


I was a bit surprised by this. I mean, sure, they probably get most TIFs booked for partners, but they could at least ask "Is it for you or someone else?" first!



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Nice work!! I'm hanging out to hear how you go! I remember my TIF all to well, had an absolute blast! Make sure they show you an autorotation, torque turns, low level etc. Get as much out of it but be warned, you'll get the rotary bug and before you know it you'll be booking lessons!



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