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Up again - finally


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Went up again in the CT today which makes it now since I got her in October a whopping total of 4.2hrs but again the weather beat me. But I will say I think I have learnt the secret on how to fly her - whenI start downwind I am doing about 130kts at 4900rpm so bring her right back to idleand then about half way down downwind drop the flaps from -12 to 0,then about half way on base when she is back to 60kts start dropping the flaps to 15, then 30 and just after turning final get her down a bit lower then normal glide(dropping to flaps 40 if you have to) so that when you get to short final you can just add a trickle of power which seems to really quieten her down and drive her in rather then letting hertry and float down. That trickle of power to drive her in makes her a dream to put down - real "greasers".


I was told that I should get my endorsement in about another hour or maybe 2 - then I will be


The instructor who has recently been flying another one told me that mine with a standard 2 blade prop greatly out performs the other one he flew that has a 3 blade variable pitch prop, which I was going to get but now I am glad I didn't. If anyone else is thinking about getting a CT then I would suggest save your money and just get the standard prop, 130-140kts is easily achievable in a cruise at 18 litres an hour.


Oh and another thing, the CT must be so aerodynamic that if you just stick your hand out the little vent window you instantly lose 5kts, bring it back in and your ASI jumps up 5kts - interesting!



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- Camo, my CT which is a new Short Wing version is on line at Shepparton and available for training and private hire and there is an old 2K long wing version at Penfield in Sunbury - an outer Melbourne suburb. Other then that I believe all the others are privately owned.



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- Michael, I think Shepparton charge $165 Dual and about $105 hire but you would be better to ring them on (03) 5823-5411 and if you need there is also a great caravan park right opposite the airstrip there which costs me $55 per night. They have:


- 2 Gazelles,


- the CT,


- a Jabiru,


- a new Storch,


- a Tecnam (coming in a couple of months),


- a 172 and


- a Piper Archer



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