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Wollongong & The Oaks


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Couldn't have asked for a better day to go flying today! We headed off from Canberra to meet up with Darren and Jerry (from The Oaks) at Wollongong for lunch. Had a great lunch at the Aviator Bar despite a bit of a wait, there were plenty of people out today. Then headed off to The Oaks to catch up with the folks there, we followed Darren from Wollongong to The Oaks via 'the scenic route'...check out the GPS track pic :).


Was great to catch up with the guys from The Oaks again, very friendly and welcoming bunch...don't get that sort of atmosphere operating from a domestic airport! Look forward to seeing some of you at Narromine.


Have attached a few pics from today...including our hosts 'The Masters'.





























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Guest Fred Bear

How good was it!Excellent pics guys and you are right, could not have asked for a better day!Glad you both enjoyed it too.Need to do that more often.Bring Emma down next time for that $100 burger!And we know what it's like when they have to find that bloomin' cow somewhere on a mountain to make it don't we :big_grin:Love the air to air pics.First I have had taken so they are going into my album.Love the GPS track too.Just look at what I have done though in regards to the Restricted Area around the parachute DZ. Ha ha, I laughed when I saw that one!:laugh:Blame the smoke haze I say!And you were just following Matt.Doesn't matter anyway. It's the scenic route as you say.See you both at Narromine.Safe skies!


PS, Emma loves the SportStar.Perhaps one day I too can have one ;)



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Added a couple more air to air pics for your collection, will email you some of the originals direct as these ones are cropped and compressed to be able to upload here.


Still can't believe how green it is along the coast and around The Oaks, such a contrast to how dry it still is on the other side of the range.



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Guest Fred Bear

It is nice and green. A good change indeed. I will PM you my email address.Thanks again.Great pics :)



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Great stuff guys. I'd love to join you for a day like that next time.


I love the GPS track Matt. Perfect circuit at Wollongong, then there's The Oaks. What was that about? Couldn't get enough pics?


Great shot of Darren and Emma. It was indeed a perfect day for flying, and the way things are shaping up, next weekend will be just as good. Here's hoping.


I did Tumut - Tumbarumba - Adaminaby - Cooma - Adaminaby - Tumut in the J160. Absolutely wonderful day.


La vita bella!





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Guest Fred Bear

And here are some of my pics from our wonderful day at The Oaks today.


Gerry, you are a star with our amphibious visitor this morning!









Our amphibious guest. Once again, I have chopped the nose off!









Matt, get away with that bloody camera. There I am trying to hide behind mine and now you do this???









Very happy Oaks crowd.Congratulations to Wayne (new member to forums also) who has just purchased this Jabiru and ferried her home to The Oaks from Tasmania.Young John helped out by flying Wayne down to Goulburn for the rest of the journey today. From left: Dennis,Owner Wayne,John Taru,Young John,Sunny and Peter.









Waynes wonderful Jabiru 1837.I have chopped the nose...again! 068_angry.gif.cc43c1d4bb0cee77bfbafb87fd434239.gif







Proud owner Wayne with his new baby.









What a great day!






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Guest David C

Darren ,


Why don't you rub it in !!006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif... I just checked out your posting in the March photo section and got thoroughly p'd off seeing what a great day I missed out on , then low and behold I check out this threa:sad:d and it get worse 049_sad.gif.af5e5c0993af131d9c5bfe880fbbc2a0.gif. Looks like I missed out big time .. Seriously , I am pleased you had such a great day and that Emma had a good time too , only wish Marilyn and I could have been there . Theres always another time I hope ..025_blush.gif.9304aaf8465a2b6ab5171f41c5565775.gif





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Guest brentc

I've spotted that Jab before on the way from Vic to Tassie and I think I recall taking the then owner to a local motel. Aviation is a small world.



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