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RAA Mag Editor in a CT


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I have been so busy lately that I have only just opened the April edition of the RAA mag and found my CT on pg 28. I know I have been on a bit about weights lately but in the article Andrew Geraghty, the editor of the mag, goes for a TIF in my CT (this is the first I had heard about it) and now how can I put this ummm well aahh Andrew is a ummmmm a "solid" guy and when he mentions that the GPS is showing 130kts very quickly and then 148kts I sorta worked out that the extra 14kg of weight I was worrying about is just not worth thinking about if you get a stronger aircraft, paint, spats etcwith the new LSA CTsw.



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Guest Leonardo



Umm just how umm BIG do you think he was?


Now I wish that I'd gone to NatFly this year .. looking at the great shots of all the CT's present.


As it turns out my 'Boss' (a lovely Scottish lass) showed up with her beau. She mentioned they spoke to a CT owner (from Victoria) and sat in one of the CT's and marvelled at the space within!


Now I'm a rather 'large' umm BIG chap myself running around an AUW of 134+ Kg (easter was a bad time for me .. lol!)


I think I would not sit in a CT (or any aircraft) while it was being refuelled (as I read in a previous post) .. fat indeed! it seems the CT would adequately handle my ample frame. I look forward to trying one on some day!


Cheers, Leonardo



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