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Fuel pressure gauge.

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Spruce and Specialty have Mitchell 0-30psi guages for $US59.95 and the sender is $US37.50. Postage should be about $US35. The guage fits in a 2-1/4" hole.


I'm about to place an order to Spruce, and I could include yours to cut down on the postage for you.





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My previous comment was a bit of a throw-away line, (pun intended) though actually I have found electric pressure senders pretty unreliable, hence try to get one that is reliable from a good source. OME should know...Nev



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I would like that very much. How can I pay you for this and collect the gauge and sender?


Thank You for your quick reply.


I have to tell Ian what a good job he has done with this site.




PS Thanks Ian.009_happy.gif.56d1e13d4ca35a447ad034f1ecf7aa58.gif



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Just to let everyone know... if I arrange a guage for Joe, I will do so as a favour. It won't be classed as a sale so Ian won't get angry with me.




Use "Start Conversation" to send me your email address so we can discuss this matter.


Old Man Emu



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