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What Has Old Man Emu Scratched up Now? No 4

old man emu

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1. No I am definately not Prof Avius, who is no scholar of the Classic Languages as "avius" is the Latin word for "remote; out of the way, unfrequented". Anyone with schoolboy Latin can see that the word is a combination of the pre-fix "a-" meaning 'from' and the noun "via" meaning "road".


I am more your Prof Avuncular type. ("avuncular from the Latin 'avunculus' an uncle on your mother's side)


2. Different Octane ratings.


The purpose of this article is to get across the point that octane ratings of fuel have nothing to do with the power that can be obtained from the fuel. The article only dealt with the concept of octane rating, it did not go into how those ratings are determined experimentally. Since the two reference fuels (heptane and iso-octane) are the same worldwide, the results of a test of a particular sample of petrol would be the same both here and in the US.


You may be thinking of two ways that octane ratings are reported: RON and MON. And then there is the Anti-knock Index. I didn't want to extend the article I was writing to deal with RON and MON and the stiochiometrically correct fuel/air mixture because long articles are not what I am trying to produce.


I am going to to write further articles dealing with this subject and I hope they will answer your question satisfactorily.


Old Man Emu



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