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  1. Gaining Altitude: The Mosquito Reborn tells the story of a Mossie through archival footage and interviews with veteran pilots. We follow the incredible process of restoring a plane that hasn’t flown in more than 50 years. And, we’ll take to the skies with the world’s only known flying original Mosquito.
  2. Motorbikes and fast cars, European ones- particularly the red italians. Now have moved to a life aquatic for a simple healthy life...low impact on my health and the planet. Sure beats the big city and covid worries. Intend to sail for several years and just enjoy. Live off the seafood and grow fattish and happy. I intend to eat lots of lobsters, crabs, fish etc. Always loved sea stories and time to make my own. Young and dumb enough to have a go Old and wise enough to be careful.
  3. My pleasure. Now repeat. I can make that a order if needed.?
  4. Keep it upsky franco and enjoy playing the eagle. Us poor buggers are surrounded by turkeys.
  5. Awesome, You lucky lucky barstard. Only water bound for now but the water birds are great
  6. Next they will claim the moon is a CIA satellite controlling the weather. Only need to see the tiny bits left when a fast plane hits a solid object. Not much left. There are heaps of conspiracies but that is just fanciful crap.
  7. A 6x4 might do the trick, depends on what speed you want?. If it's for a slowish fun time maybe a 7x4 even, which will drop the revs and trade trade bigger thrust to current drain. You could even go a 7x4.5. The old nicad system can do it but a cheap lipo will last for longer flights and more power headroom. Either way props are cheap, grab a few to find it's happy spot. Happy darting.
  8. I agree but that is more a case of the government spending billions on a millions problem. Yes spin offs, are great, but the philosophy of big bloated budgets leads to expensive for the public advances and profits for overcharging contractors. In modern times, India has shown they can do a great job on a shoestring in the space game. And today's corporate contracts mean Boeing will get the wins more than us.
  9. Simple really...... Just look at the old space programs ..... The Yanks develop a special pen to write in space......cost millions The Russians just use a 10 cent lead pencil. Says it all really
  10. Rubber or plastic screws are fine. Esp for a trainer, they act as a simple fuse and take the impact well. Esp with a foamy, you can do lots of abuse and get back flying in minutes. Much better than a black bag for the balsa debris. Have fun
  11. With Trumpet at the helm we see the a blatant egotistical sociopath who will happily see even millions die and say it was a " great deal". Its the natural consequence of a long history of dysfunctional governance based on exceptionalism. Our great powerful " friend" is mad and completely psychotic in a fight to retain power. He will use anything including he threat of war to win. Beware We live in interesting times.
  12. USA command had bugger all in the fight. That was a case of the Yanks demanding full control for so called help.
  13. Turbo, I call bullshite exuse for us to follow the Yanks into a death cult. Did Japan invade Australia? No Did they intend to? No, that was clear at the time to the powers and Japan only wished to keep us out of the battle. Did the Yanks stop the Japs in PNG? No , we did with our troops. Did the yanks stop the Japanese in the Coral sea to save us? Absolutely not, it was just a extension of the pacific war. The Yanks under the cover of saviours used us to become economic vassals for weapons, war and trade ever since. We where their staging and training ground and any thoughts of our w
  14. Onetrack, That is a very one sided view. If a man murders a few in a village and saves the rest, it is a brutal murderous way to get support or prevent dissent. That is a long known tactic all the way before the Romans. But to claim you are giving freedom by murdering every one in the village and raping at will then killing is completely different. That was the American and for some the Australian way- no comparison at all. We can not justify our excessive blood lust and inhumanity because someone else did it before us and to magnify our ways to kill everyone in sight on the assumpti
  15. Anywhere in the cockpit is fine as long as it is well away from your skull- so do not use your head as a mount. If you must- mount to the side facing into the centre of the cockpit. For a single seater if enclosed, find a place well away from your skull. Why? That camera is a hard object and rough air can mean banging your head into structure and a potential nasty incident can occur. Do we know of any incidents? Yes, some have been anecdotally reported and survived to get it down. But if a head hit to the side caused a problem it would be difficult to prove in a crash after the fact.
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