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Downed Saphire

Guest Sabre

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Guest Sabre

A PILOT has been killed in an ultralight plane crash at Cohuna, in northern Victoria.


The pilot died when the single-seat plane crashed at Cohuna airport about 1.30pm (AEST), a Rural Ambulance Victoria (RAV) spokesman said.


The circumstances of the crash and the age and sex of the deceased were unknown.


A Tasmanian man had a lucky escape yesterday when he walked away unharmed after his ultralight plane crash landed near Devonport, in northern Tasmania.


The man was coming into land at Beauty Point, when the plane suffered engine failure, clipped a fence and crashed into a paddock shortly after midday.


The male pilot walked away with a minor scratch to his head.



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Guest Fred Bear

Ultra light plane death - Cohuna


Sat 7 April 2007


7 April 2007




Police are continuing their investigation into the cause of a fatal ultra light plane crash at Cohuna airport this afternoon.


The wreckage of the “Sapphire†one seater was found about 1.30pm. It is believed the collision occurred around midday as witnesses have told police they saw an ultra light plane circling overhead around that time.


The deceased is a 72 year old man from Terip Terip.


Police will prepare a report for the Coroner.


Senior Constable Wendy Willingham


Media Officer



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Guest TOSGcentral

Condolances is hardly enough! Tony was one of the real 'greats' in our movement. Uncompromisingly hard bit with a heart as big as the moon. He did so much for us and I am personally terribly saddened. We are losing too many!





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Guest Fred Bear

Correct Tony. It is a sad fact and it was good to go to Lees' 'fatal accidents affect us all' lecture at the forums at Narromine. It is just horrible. Having attended many fatal air crashes myself I know the scene is one you want to forget.Don't forget to stay safe people.You have (most importantly) your family that you will leave behind and also that of your fellow aviator friends and when we lose one of them it does hurt. Please be careful. Await the outcome of this investigation and RIP fellow flyer.



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Guest brentc

Having known Tony for quite some time I am in a way thankful that he died doing something that he loved so much and was passionate about. He was such a keen aviator and was even last week planning to join in on a long trip half way around OZ in the next month or so. Police have speculated a heart-attack which isn't a bad way to go and would have explained the circling overhead. I'd perfer to go out that way if I had a choice.


I was disappointed that they didn't say his name at the presentation dinner at Narromine as many of the people there knew him so well and there would have been many nice words said by the hierarchy. It seemed that most of the crowd knew about it before the dinner but his name had not yet been released.



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When i was looking for my aircraft, i spoke to Tony about the sapphire and its flaws and highlights! very sad loss, but there is some solace in the fact that he passed doing something he loved and was passionate about and of natural causes.


Though i barely knew him, i have heard of him for a long time and his reputation for quite some time.. a sad loss indeed...


My condolences to all...



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Guest FamWitlox



I am Shannon Witlox,


Tony was my Uncle. but I've never seen him, because we live in Holland.


Thanks for the condolences.


It's great to hear he was very loved.


Greets Shannon And family out of Holland.


(i'm sorry, my eEnglish is not so best, i hope you will understand it.)



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