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Fantastic nav today out of YIFL. Local Wx looked quite ordinary on departure. I had my cherry popped twice today - Flew through controlled air space and had to use transponder. Flew up to Wangetti out of controlled air space out to Green Island - Fitzroy Island - High Island and back to YIFL. It didn't look like it would be worth taking a camera, that was about my only mistake. The water was the stuff post cards are made of. Tomorrow should be my last nav. Now indulge me in my token smiley...super_hero.gif.5d50ddb84d4e7e727183b80b4acbc28c.gif



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Guest davidh10

Great stuff.


As a long term photography hobbyist, I can tell you that you see some amazing things when you don't have a camera with you! Worse, is that you say to yourself, "I must come back with the camera another day", but unfortunately the light is never the same again. I mostly take my camera, unless there's a reason not to take it.



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