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Credit where it is due

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As many know, I'm building an RV-12. Empennage, tail cone, wings and flaperons are complete and I've just started on the forward fuse. During the wing build I went to install the Vans supplied Aeroled strobe/nav light combos, but discovered that one lousy little allen keyed set screw about 2mm X 10mm, which holds the Aeroled unit to its mounting frame, was missing from the lighting kit. Don't you hate it when you can't say that the job is done for the want of little set screw. And its specialist nature meant that I couldn't just drop into Bunnings or Blackwoods aerospace outlets and pick one up.


Three emails to Vans asking them to send me one finally elicited a response along the lines of "we just buy 'em as a kit and ship 'em out complete" which is aeronautical code for "your problem". bad_mood.gif.04f799b8c2da677a1c244b54433f2aa7.gif


So I got on to the Australian Aeroled agent, David Nashed at Pure Vision Aviation, but he didn't have any lying around either, as he only bought in complete kits too. But what he did do was add a few mounting set screws to his next order to Aeroleds. They duly arrived and David posted them out to me express mail. He wouldn't take any money from me, not even for postage. His helpful service and willingness to solve my problem (sadly lacking from Vans) is a credit to the companies he represents and to his own company.


So its 3 thumbs up from me for David's service, and NOW I can say, that wing is finished. 101_thank_you.gif.0bf9113ab8c9fe9c7ebb42709fda3359.gif


Dennis Mitchell


RV-12 #120398



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It's a pity some of these manufacturers didn't take the time to set up Bills Of Materials with the correct descriptions.


Then you could have picked one up or ordered one from the hundreds of Australian specialised fastener suppliers.



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