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What is the Max weight for a single seat trike in RAA rego?

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I'm pretty sure you'll find the term "Maximum Suspension Weight" only applies to Hang Gliders, not Trikes. Trikes, as far as I've seen in Oz have always been given a MAUW or MTOW rating which includes the weight of the wing.


As for MTOW of a single seat trike, that depends on which CAO it falls under and can be a grey area.


Home built single seaters made from home built parts are 95.10 = 300kg maximum MTOW


Some say that Factory Kit and Factory Built single seat trikes are 95.32 = 600kg maximum MTOW (used to be 450kg until April 2011)


The Tech Manager / Ops Manager of HGFA/RAA (as applicable) will confirm which applies for your situation and if any of what I've written here is correct.



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