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1 To 1 Private Chat - new feature


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I have been mentioning about the new 1 to 1 Private Chat Feature coming here soon to Recreational Flying...well here are some screen shots as a teaser.


As you all know we have the Recreational Flying Chat Room which is a very advanced feature for chatting to each other as a group in a chat room. It has Video capabilities, a Whiteboard, you can share files, pictures, videos and even play video games in there...a great feature for those that like to get together with other like minded users discussing various topics and whatever.


Soon, Recreational Flying will be introducing an extension of this down to a 1 to 1 Instant Private Chat feature where you can have an instant chat with others that are on line here at Recreational Flying.


Here is a screen shot of the new user card...you will notice next to the user's name an instant chat image. Wherever you see this little instant chat image next to a user's name throughout the site you will be able to click the image to initiate an instant chat with that user:




When a user clicks the image to initiate an instant chat, a little popup message appears on the receiver's screen:




Users will be able to turn off instant chat globally by doing so in their site preferences settings. This will remove the instant chat icon next to their username throughout the site.


The receiver of the instant chat invitation would then if they wish to do so, click "Accept" to accept the invitation to have an instant chat with the other user. If they click "Deny" the other user gets a message saying that the user has declined the instant chat.


If accepted an instant chat window pops up and the two users can chat away in a conversation between themselves however note that the conversations are logged for administrative purposes in protecting all users from abuse


Here is a screen shot of what the chat windows look like:




This is going to be a great feature for users here at Recreational Flying and is only the start of ways in which this functionality, along with the global chat room, are going to be extended to provide a unique experience creating a fantastic friendly environment for all recreational aviators here at Recreational Flying.


The time frame for this is possibly in the next week or two...I run 2 duplicate copies of this site on my PC, one in a "Development Environment" and another in a "Pre-Production Environment". Currently the development and testing of this great new enhancement is in the Development Environment as there is still a couple of bugs to be ironed out but hopefully it will be passed into Pre-Production later this week for final testing. After this it will be moved to the Live Environment i.e. the site and be available for everyone to use.


Hope you enjoy all the great enhancements that are coming to Recreational Flying...YOUR home of Pilots, Aircraft and Aviation Enthusiasts.



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The licence for this new feature has now been purchased so I am now waiting for the software company to install the infrastructure on here so I can make the changes to the code so we can start to use it. I have added video chat and file sharing to it as well now



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