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Icom A200 connectors


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I recently purchased a used Icom A200 on Ebay advertised 'with tray', but no mention of connectors, being a gullable trusting person I assumed it would include these, however, you guessed it, no connectors...


Does any body know where I can get the 30 pin Molex and the right angled co-ax connector that attach to the rear of the tray?



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I can order the connectors and all the parts from Icom for you if you wish.

Hi Kyle


Will the A210 simply slide into the cradle for the A200? And is the inbuilt intercom on the A210 ok?







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The A210 has some more connections on the back of it on the same molex connector for intercom etc and I am sure it goes into the same cradle. I have sold a couple so far of the A210 and had no complaints the only thing is I have had to supply a couple of ribbon cables that go from the front head to the main body to guys...not the ones I sold to my customers though. if you remove the head you must be very careful or you will destroy that small interconnecting cable. I did wire one up for a customer as when you get the A210 you have no wires on the molex plug it all must be manually wired. I did a intercom setup for him and I tested it here in the workshop and all seemed to work fine





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Mark, Thanks for the offer on the connectors and taking the time to reply, however I now find there is an Icom agent here in Geelong and I might try him first as he is a lot closer. If I have no luck I will get back to you.





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