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To all members: updating of aircraft hours and pilot hours


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14 November 2011 To all members: updating of aircraft hours and pilot hours.


The collection of RA-Aus pilot and aircraft 'annual hours flown' statistics is a requirement under the CASA/RA-Aus Deed of Agreement, thus to help in ensuring continuation of current member privileges it is required that the aircraft hours flown are updated when aircraft registration is renewed and that pilot hours are updated when membership is renewed.


When you receive your registration renewal form, please update the data on the form and ensure that you write the hours flown during the last 12 months beside the old number and update both the total hours flown and the landings section.


The same applies to the hours you have flown when you renew your membership. If you haven't flown at all this year please write 'nil' hours flown.


Currently we are also wasting valuable RA-Aus staff resources in having to contact members to obtain missing aircraft and pilot information. So please save us all money, time and annoyance by providing all hours required when completing the renewals.


Thank you


Steve Bell


Technical Manager



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