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Is Recreational Flying delivering to you ALL that you want from an aviation web site and resource?  

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  1. 1. Is Recreational Flying delivering to you ALL that you want from an aviation web site and resource?

    • Yes, it provides everything that I need from an aviation site as it is now
    • Yes, but there are some things that I would like to change...I will post my thoughts
    • No, I can think of some great new things that I need...I will post my thoughts
    • No, I will send a private a message of constructive criticism to Admin to say what I think

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Is Recreational Flying delivering to you ALL that you want from an aviation web site and resource?


Personally I think the blue colour scheme is perfect, the way the forums are laid out in their various categories of:


General Forums


Recreational Aviation Forums


General Aviation Forums


Aircraft Building Forums (including Builder's Logs)


Aviation Enthusiasts Forums


covers all the main areas that the site is dedicated to. The individual forums within these categories I also think covers all the respective areas of aviation that we all may be interested in within their specific categories.


The other components of:










Pilot Shop


Pilot Tools


John Brandon's Tutorials


Members and Help


also cover the extra things that may appeal to a recreational aviator.


The help and support that every user gives to every other user is great, the friendliness is returning like it use to be and new user registrations are back to increasing every day as well as the number of users that are logging in every day posting away, helping each other and creating new friendships with others with the same interests.


We are having some initial issues with the correct implementation of the 1 to 1 chat and how it is interfering with the chat room and other components of the site but the developers of these extra features are working on resolving these properly to a standard that I want to have here for you all to use. The new Aircraft Section is also going to bring a new dimension to the site for you all to use.


Even with all these great things, I don't want to stop here...I am sure there is more I can do for all of you here at Recreational Flying. Help me to make this site what you want and to have everything you need in the area of recreational aviation...perhaps there are elements of the site that could be improved, changed or added...please let me know so I can look into them for you.


The areas of the site that I want to build up further are the General Aviation and Enthusiasts sections...the Enthusiasts Forums Section will eventually be moved off to another site that will be dedicated to Aviation Enthusiasts with some great tools specific for them.


The other area that I want to promote is the International site use. I have tried many things but none seem to have worked as hoped so I am very open to ideas on how we can adapt the site and promote it for use by International visitors all coming here to help each other through their experiences no matter which country they are flying in.


So over to you, my hands are tied unless I get some ideas from you all on what more can be done...thanks.


What do YOU think will make the site better?



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