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Airconditioning Units for the Sportstar


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Does anyone have any information on the availability of aircon units suitable for a Sporstar?


I'd be prepared to make a weight scarifice in exchange for a degree of midday and afternoon comfort - the Kroger shield just isn't enough. grateful for any info



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Dunno if you already sourced something, but these units are being used by a flight school in Dallas Texas in their Sport Cruisers to good effect.


Simple system, fill it with ice and then blow air over the ice.....







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The Evektor factory has been evaluating a small aircon unit for the SportStar/Harmony. Weighs around 12.5 kgs and installation cost is in the $5,000 range. Because of the weight of the unit, positioning is critical to ensure the CofG remains in range. Anyone want more, please contact me through the website or my email address if you have it. Peter at Evektor Australia



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