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Anyone for Raglan?

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I am expecting to get there, plus possibly a couple of others from Rodds Bay.


Look for a yellow Corby Starlet parked well away from the noise making area, but knowing my luck I will be working somewhere, look for a grey bearded gnome.



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Hey I may be going as it's been a while. Even though it's only a hop step and a jump for me over the range it always seems to be the case that something else comes up. I will either fly or drive as it is a fantastic weekend with good old country hospitality.


Ian we do know each other as I have met with you on a number of occasions at the Smokey Creek flyins (Callide Valley Flying Group).


I'm in the Philippines at the moment, was going flying but my dear old mum in law passed away and that obviously put a hold on all activites for a while.The thing I find about flying is that it washes over the sadness and brings back the sunshine in circumstances such as my better half and I find ourselves in at the moment.


Beautiful weather here at the moment, ideal flying conditions for just mooching around up there taking in the picture like scenery below.


I hope I can meet up with a number of forum users at Raglan as it would be, as said by "long tall texan" nice to put some faces to names.







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