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weekend of aviation relaxation


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What a lovely weekend. begun the saturday with a nice drive out to The Oaks to meet Gary and his Super Diamond, Quite a nice looking aircraft, but as they say, if it looks right it will fly right. mightily empressed, and such great value.


After a quick look over the Diamond, i was Offered a ride in Garys Joey 2, which is a very high performance UL aircraft, and took me some getting used to the handling after stepping out of Jabirus and Piper products. got to learn to lighten up on my input forces, especially after not flying for a month or 2. (photos 1 to 4)


After an evening of number crunching and DVD's, Sunday came. Time to get back in the Jab for an hr of Circuits. yep, still have it, greased every one.


On my return to Hoxton park, Ashley had the new Allegro out ready for a short trip to Bankstown and the Schofields Aero Club Open day. i quite happily accepted the Left hand seat for the day at Bankstown.


Bob, took the Jabiru over there as well.


it was a quick 10 minutes from Hoxton park to Bankstown, first phot is departing Hoxton park, 2 up, full fuel ROC was an easy 1000 ft/min.


then Joining circuit as instructed by ATC on Downwind for 29R turning final for 29R Unfortunatly Just as we arrived for the open day at Schofileds , my camera batteries died


Last pic, prepared for the invasion on the hallowed turf of the GA birds! YSBK (banktown Airport)



















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Doh, only 30 mins to edit pics n stuff.


The Open day was a great day, plenty of people to meet, and convert (to RAA) plenty of Sausages, BBQ sauce and coke (the liquid kind), all attendees were very impresses by our RAA birds, especially their Running and maintainence costs, with performance and comfort levels that exceed their Cessna 152's! all were impressed by the Interior space!!! as i said to a few memebers who asked what are they life to fly and why do i fly them? easy answer, more fun. and $180 will either get me 1 hr in a piper Archer, or 2 hr in a Jabiru where i can actually go somewhere other than a local flight!


with Luck, the introduction of these Aircraft, the Jabiru, Allegro and others to mainstream GA flyers, will help promote private flying for




yeah i know, not exactly a trip report. but hey, it was a day trip for me.



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Hey 'Cri-Cri', why didn't you say hello while you were talking to Garry at The Oaks? Would have been good to put a face to the monica!I was the one instructing all day in the LightWing.Arthur.ps, how do I go about getting a ride in the allegro? We (the club) have been looking for something to replace our two stroke lightWing



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Ahhh yes, i remember seeing your aircraft at The Oaks, up beside the clubhouse.


With the Allegro ride, it was a matter of being at the right place at the right time, i booked the hr in the Jab on sat, and on my return from circuits, the allegro was out of the shed, and Ashley asked what i was doing the rest of the day, and if i would like to fly across for a BBQ at Schofields Open day.


I have never smelt a new aircraft smell before.


The Allegro is privatly owned and its Owner is employing Ahsley to train him to fly it. its a great aircraft, and worth approx $70K as it


is in the pics.



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