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At Last! A glue to glue all types of plastic

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While not really relating to airplane building, I just thought I'd pass on some information that may be of value with Christmas coming up.


Have you ever tried to repair a broken plastic item, only to have the glue joint fail at the first sing of loading? It doesn't matter what type of glue you use - epoxy, super glue, Tarzan's grip, polystyrene, they won't do the job.


Well the other week I broke the leg on Old Ma Emu's brand new George Forman griller plate. Needless to say there was a flurry of feathers, and next morning I was in Bunnings looking for a tube of glue to try to restore her opinion of me to "moron".


I found a new product by Selleys. It is a two part process. The first part is a primer which is applied to each surface to be joined with a felt tipped pen. Then you apply the second part, which is the adhesive, to one surface. After that you just fit the two surfaces together and they stick like chicken guts to a croc's back tooth. Leave it for 12 hours to fully cure and there you have it.


The product cost about $6.50, and I reckon it is a life saver. It is going to be great to use to fix anything made of those hard plastics used in DVD player cases and teh like.





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Good stuff OME, old love broke the bottom base part of a Wok I had just bought, first use and accidently she broke it.Been using it for about a year since.The base is made of a plastic type substance.I will give it ago. Cheers for the information.



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Guest davidh10

The other plastics problem is where you have flexible surfaces to be bonded. All the hard glues just crack off.


What I've been using for years, is wetsuit neoprene cement. You won't find it at the hardware store, but try ski shops or dive stores. By the way, after opening the tube, store it in the fridge to prolong its life. Sticks like sh.. to a blanket!


P.S. I think I've seen the stuff you are talking about OME, but haven't tried it. Thanks for posting.



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