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Chat Room and IM Messenger


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Now the site is transferred to the new server, the Chat Room and the 1To1 Instant Messenger will now be implemented and this time with all the extra resources it should go very smoothly...I will post back on this once it is all done and working properly for you to use



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The new Chat Room Software has been installed and working...sort of...I am waiting for the new software license to arrive so there are some limitations till it does:


- It is only limited to 10 users


- No video or audio


- No whiteboard


- No games


Basically it is just a text chat room until the new software licence arrives which should be over night some time


I will advise when it has and installed.


Those that have used the chat room before will notice some little changes as this is the latest version...hope you enjoy using it for some great moments between friends



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The Chat Room is now licensed and working for up to 100 users at a time. What is left to setup with it is:


- Video and Audio


There are 170 video games installed in the chat room and working


There is a new Gifts and points system which is yet to be setup and activated...more on how you can use this later


Once the Chat Room is all setup and working properly, I will start on the One To One Instant Messenger feature for you to use in having instant chat between other online users and Aircraft Manufacturers/Agenets/Pilot Supplies and Services Representatives when they are online as well


All this is being setup in a way that we can also, hopefully, introduce the Television Station that I have been wanting to do for a couple of years...but again, to do this I need help...not enough hours in the day so if anyone wants to become the Aircraft Pilots Station Manager then please let me know



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The Video and Audio is now working in the Chat Room so if you have a webcam and not too fast on the keyboard, then this is the solution for you.


Users in the chat room that are using a webcam or mic will have a little icon of a webcam next to their username in the right column of the chat room.


To see and hear another user that is using a webcam, all you need to do is click that little webcam icon next to their name and you will start to see/hear them...hope you find it useful. There will be a need for some small tweaks on the video latency but I will need to know if there are any problems over a few days of usage...enjoy getting together with like minded aviators around the clubroom table in the Aircraft Pilots Video/Audio/Text Chat Room.


I will start working on the One To One Instant Chat feature now and will advise when that is ready for use.



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