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Hi I am new to this site, I have had the fortunate experiences of Many hours in a company owned Cessna 210 flying into Central Australia on projects, I since had a rash of health problems, got out of contact and would like to get back in the Air with the controls in front of me. I would be interested if any person knows of the fate of the slippery Cessna 210 VH-SIX. It was getting tired when I sold it in the early 90's but it was a tough old craft.



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I just used the Registers page that is on this site under 'Pilot Tools" on the main menu and entered six in the VH rego lookup and see that it is still registered. Have a look at the page:




As a footnote, I will be adding more Pilot Tools in that section of the site soon so if any one has any ideas of what Pilot Tools you would like to have then please let me know...thanks



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