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Schools / Clubs Around Melbourne

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Hi everyone,


This is my first post, so please bear with me if I'm asking things that have been answered 100 times already.


I currently live in Caroline Springs, and are looking to get back into flying again , and the RA-Aus scene definatley looks like the way to go.


Thus far I've only been out to Sunbury to check out the Texan (looks sweet), but are interested in peoples experiences with the school, and also if they have any reccomendations for schools / clubs around the west of Melbourne. The only other one I'm aware of is Oasis out at point cook.


I ran into the problem at my last school, that whilst having excellent instructors that I got along with quite well, the school was really only interested in churning out CPL holders, and as a result I felt, and was treated like a second class citizen. I'm really after somewhere that doesn't keep trying to up sell me to a CPL or further, when all I want to do is fly for fun!


I've got around 35GA hours (Ran out of money before my GFPT test 051_crying.gif.fe5d15edcc60afab3cc76b2638e7acf3.gif) and are looking to get an RA-Aus license, but would like to be able to finish my PPL once I've got the RA-Aus pilot certificate.


If anyone can suggest the best schools / clubs to help me achieve this, that would be great.


P.S. It's great to see the community spirit at work here in the forums and people who just like to fly for enjoyment. :big_grin:



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Welcome Snoopy,


I'm sure you will enjoy it here.


Re schools


Since the instructor/student thing is so personal my advice is to front up at the closest school with the type of aircraft in which you desire to learn and spend an hour or so .


Then if you are unhappy just move on


dem's my thoughts





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Hi Snoopy


Hiho is right - training is all about the relationship with the instructor but in my opinion not so much the plane.


I personally looked at both Sunbury and Point Cook and settled on Point Cook for the early part of my training but then later went to Shepparton due to the weather being completely different once you get on the other side of the ranges.


I started in a Jab - why, because it had flaps and I was naive then with absolutely no aviation experience before this to think that if it has flaps then it must be a "real" plane - I was wrong - whilst the Jab is a real airplane, looks good and is a good aircraft at that but it didn't suit my own personal learning style. I was about to give it all away when my wife convinced me to try again - this time in what I thought at the time was an ugly old aircraft, a Gazelle. I really thought the Gazelle would put me off even further but after that first hour in the Gazelle I was hooked, I loved it and have not looked back. The Gazelle suited "me", even though it isn't slippery and fast. I did however go back and get endorsed in the Jab after I got my Certificate and I was able to appreciate the Jab a lot more and fly it a lot better after my initial training in the Gazelle.


The point is, training is all about a healthy relationship between you and your instructor, a happy one, and irrespective of what an aircraft may look like or what someone else says about the aircraft it is about picking an aircraft that suits your style of learning, not too difficult and one you feel comfortable in.


Hope this helps, and a big welcome to the forums - enjoy!



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Hey Snoopy,


Another couple of schools in Melbourne, that would be worth a look; both flying Jabiru's.


Lilydale; J160 Jabiru's ( the latest model) and they also have a GA school.


Tooradin; which may be a little far for you; they have J160 and LSA-55 ( the earlier model - bit simpler, and slightly cheaper)


As expressed by others on this thread, it is preferable to find somewhere which suits you and these points are also important.


Location; so you can get there frequently and hopefully with a variety of conditions so you can practice crosswind as well as easy approaches. Also traffic conditions and circuits will be different at different airfields, and the time taken to get to the training area, waiting to take off etc.


Instructors; how you relate to them.


Hope this is helpful.


Aircraft; as this may change your interest in flying



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Guest Decca

Welcome to the forums Snoopy! Look I have to admit to being a Sgt Schultz here & say "I know nussing!" but the clubs at Bacchus Marsh must be worth contacting. It's not far out on the Western Highway from you. Certainly though Chris is on the mark with the Ballarat clubs - at least 2 of them do PPL & RAAus. (I do know something).


Regards, Decca.



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Guest AusDarren

Inbound from Ballarat will also train at Bacchus Marsh, which is real close to Caroline Springs. Roger is particularly helpful. definitely worth a call.


Oasis at Point Cook are good to fly with, but use non-linear rates (ie .1 is not 10% of the hourly rate) which makes the cost more when ever you fly for less than a full hour.







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I can personally vouch for the Air Shepparton team, led by Matt Ford.


Not only that, the Shepp Aero Club is renowned as one of the biggest but friendliest in Victoria. A Saturday lunch is not to be missed!


The aircraft they have are two Tecnam P92 Echo's, A Piper Archer, and a Cessna 172. If you feel like furthering your experience, then how about a Seneca and a Navajo? RA, GA, VFR or IFR.. Matt, Nathan, Tristo and Sue can do it.


When I was looking at training, I found the availability of instructors and aircraft very limiting. So I enquired at Shepp, and found I was not being given the usual sales pitch, but realistic and down to earth information.


The Aero Club itself has long held a reputation for being friendly, but also it should be known for its nurturing skills. To these folks, a pilot is a pilot, no matter what he or she flies.. and the big thing is to improve skills. Oh that, and the saturday lunches....;)





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