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J160 cooling mod

Guest brentc

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Be sure to read the associated Service Letter, JSL002 which relates to the changing of carburettor jets which will result in an alteration to the fuel/air mixture with the aim of running the engine cooler.


It seems that it will soon become routine to check and tighten the head bolts every 33 hours.


Old Man Emu



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Done 440 hours now and no problems with head bolts, we service between 25 and 35 hours when it suits us (basically do a 100hrly less plugs and filters which get done on time or before) and we find the heads and tappets vary little after the first 100-150 hours.


Some muppets out there should not service their own of course, and the battle is to convince themselves they are not up to it and should leave it to someone who is qualified to do the work.


fly safely folks





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Option 1 looks remarkably familiar

G'day BC.




I thought the same thing when I read the thing and at 1st I assumed that they were your pics.




It's interesting that this is only for the 2200's as your previous threads demonstrated benefits for the 3300 as well ... in most cases.




I guess the 3300's mustn't be popping that seal.




I'm fitting Option 1 to mine .... as it can't hurt and will almost certainly help.




Regards Geoff



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Guest brentc

Old Man Enu, it is already a routine scheduled maintenance item to check the head bolts.


On non-hydraulic engines, it was preferably 25, but possibly 50. The new hydraulic lifter engines are no different.


The needle and jet alteration some years ago actually made the engines run hotter, but used less fuel (as expected for a leaner mixture). In the 6 cylinder, down from some 25-26 to 19-20.



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