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Aircraft Section - Update


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I have updated the software used in the Aircraft Section which is another step further to providing a more appealing main section page.


There is still some more development to do with it, which I will get done as time permits. You are also able to see any new aircraft that are added to the Aircraft Pilots Aircraft Section displayed in the right column of the forums home page just above the latest Photo Gallery entries.


I hope to build the Aircraft Pilots Aircraft Section up into a great resource with all the information possible on as many different aircraft that I can find over time...old and new.


From each aircraft listed you will be able to click through all the site resources on the specific aircraft that you may be viewing like Photo Gallery, Video Library, News Items, User Group, Forum etc...linking all resources of the site together.


You will also notice then if a representative of the aircraft is on line here at Aircraft Pilots at any time, they are shown in a new box that will appear towards the top of the right column on the forums main page...knowing that they are currently online you can use the "Socialise" button and have an instant chat with them about their aircraft range or anything else about their products.


I hope you find these great new features, just some of the many that are coming to Aircraft Pilots, very helpful and enjoyable.



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