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Hi All


I have just turned on our new Aircraft Pilots Site Home Page...and it has some great and interesting features for those that are interested.


Firstly, for everyone the popular "What's New" menu link is included in the Home Page sub menu so when coming to the site don't think that you have to go to the Forums first to click What's New as it is there for you. Whilst you're there you can see the featured News Article and a list of the latest news as it is released from various sources around the world. You can see the latest additions to the Photo gallery and also the Video Library plus any aviation events that are coming up in the next 14 days, plus more...all from the Aircraft Pilots Home Page.


before i tell you about a great feature of the Home Page for everyone, I just want to say that the Home Page will be further developed based on YOUR INPUT...this is really needed if Aircraft Pilots is going to provide you with everything you may possibly want from an aviation site so without your input, it is all entirely up to me and I may not always be correct in what I do for you here at Aircraft Pilots...so PLEASE...ALWAYS pass your comments on, it is greatly appreciated when you do.


Now, why is the Aircraft Pilots Home Page so special for you...you can tailor it to the way you want...yes, if you don't want to see a block on it, you can remove the block. If you want to add a different block then what's already there, you can add it to your very own personalised Aircraft Pilots Home Page. You can even move blocks around to have them displayed in different areas of your very own personalised Aircraft Pilots Home Page.


Naturally, for those that don't want to touch it, you can just leave it as it is with the default layout.


To customise your home page, Registered Aircraft Pilots Members will now see in their drop down box of their User Name on the right hand side of the main menu, bottom right column, a new option titled "Customise Home Page":




Clicking this will display a Home Page Template for you:




The Left column is narrower then the Middle column and the Right column is narrow again. The way that each module is displayed may change when moved from one column to another to better suit the width of the selected column.


To move a module, just click it with your mouse and whilst holding your mouse button down, simply drag your mouse to where you want that module displayed and let go of the mouse button:




At the bottom you will see all the modules that are not currently displayed on your personalised home page for you to add to it. Clicking the "Revert All" button will simply restore your Aircraft Pilots Home Page to the default.


Throughout this year I will be adding all kinds of modules to the list of ones that you can have on your very own Aircraft Pilots Home Page. As I create each one I will announce their release in this forum. I will also be creating a Help Video to show you how you can use this new powerful feature here on Aircraft Pilots.


For the short term I will leave the modules list as they currently are whilst you get use to it and I answer any issues that you may have here in this thread.


Hope you enjoy this great new feature that over time will evolve into a powerful and great tool for you in being able to have your very own customised Aircraft Pilots Home Page packed with resources that you often find the need to use.



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