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Do you have a web site? Perhaps your club or school does! You can put an Aircraft Pilots logo and link on it so you can catch up with your web site users here. You can have instant chats with them, or group chats, even by webcam plus create your own "Group" so you can have your own forum going with your own titled Group.


There are two very simple ways you can do it:


Option 1 - simply link to the image on this site


  1. Choose which image you want to display on your site from those shown below ("Supporting", "Recommend" or "We Support")
  2. Place one of the following pieces of code on the page of your site where you want to display the image:



For "Supporting":


For "Recommend":

For "We Support":


Option 2 - have image file stored on your website server with your site files

  1. Download one of the images below
  2. Upload it to your website
  3. and place this code on your website page (insert both the location of where you have uploaded the image to and the image file name)




If you would like any other image made up please let me know







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