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Gotta say that package sounds appealing:


High wing (best vision)


All Metal (low maintenance)


Gullwing gas-strut doors (easy access - low maintenance)


Air-cooled engine (more reliable system than water cooled)


Cessna reputation (Will appeal to some...)


Now it all comes down to price..


Wonder if 'they' will bring them into OZ?





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Really interesting that they have done a 180 on the Rotax, despite the 15kg weight penalty - although with the increasing weights with LSA perhaps this is not such a big deal. The VP mentioned the increased TBO - what is the TBO on the 0-200?


I imagine there is also a significant cost increase for the Continental engine?


Was perplexed at his comments on preferring the Continental for differing fuels - I thought the Rotax was good for this too.


Smart move going for Metal if they think 70% will be in the training environment. Those aircraft do get a hammering.


I think it is looking like a AUD130K+ price tag considering the config at the moment.



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Cont 0-200


Paul, I think the C-152 runs a Lycoming O-235. I don't think there is any problem with getting approval for mogas , but check it. The cont C-90 is 200 cubic inch also and is a very similar engine, but has many variants. Second hand ,many of these engines are high-time and in some instances are only suitable for bits. Not economical to overhaul. The valves &guides are considered to require more attention than the Lycoming. This may be accentuated by using mogas (valve sticking) But other factors may be involved. (cooling, dust, oil type & quality short trips etc). the original starter, (pull type ) is very heavy and the starter drive is expensive to replace. The generator on the earlier models is ridiculously heavy and has to go.(gear driven) .The engine (the 0-200 )is my preferred powerplant, despite all the above comments, because it's really quite light. it's understressed, & has proven reliability. Unless you can find an engine that time forgot & can fiddle with it, I'd like to see the price on the new one. It would have to be competitive, & lighter. N...



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